Weather Word Accessories and Replacement Parts
Accessories and replacement parts for Weather Word systems are listed below.

Weather Word uses the Davis Instruments wired weather sensors (to view them, follow the link, and look under the weather applications).   The W-608/PR3 models work with the Pacfic Research Solutions series of repeater controllers.

Shipping will be calculated when you order.

W-608SA Weather Word main unit (any configuration) $230
W-608AC Weather Word AC adapter $10
W-608MAN Weather Word manual $8
W-608BAT Weather Word battery connector $8
W-608TL Weather Word telephone line connector $4
W-608PC Connects Weather Word serial port direct to PC
Has a female DB9.  It is a null modem version of the W-608WS.
W-608WS Connects Weather Word to a Davis Weather Link serial interface.  Has a male DB9. $9
W-608/PR3AP Audio patch cable for RI-300 $5
W-608/RIAP Audio patch cable & wired RJ-11 socket for W-608RI $7
W-608/RIPP PTT patch cable & wired RJ-45 socket for W-608RI $7
W-608TP Davis Instruments temperature probe
Model 7817
W-608AN Davis Instruments anemometer
Model 7911
$120 New
$40 Refurbished, must trade in old anemometer
W-608TH Davis Instruments Temp Humidity probe
Model 7859
W-608RC Davis Instruments Rain Collector II
Model 7852
W-608VP Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Weather Station
Model 6150
W-608VPWL Weather Link II for connecting Vantage Pro to PC or to Weather Word
Model 6510C
W-608WM2 Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II Weather Station
Model 7440CS
W-608WM2WL Weather Link for connecting Weather Monitor II to PC or to Weather Word
Model 7862

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