Weather Word Connected to a Transceiver/Repeater
and to the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro
This Weather Word radio configuration gives a way to get concise, understandable audio weather reports onto a repeater or something as simple as an HT!  This version of Weather Word can be used to directly control a transmitter.  Commands are issued over the air in the standard DTMF format.  The Weather Word comes set up for the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro, and the transceiver.

The Weather Word connects directly to the transceiver audio input and audio output.  If these two lines cannot be connected together, then a patch must be used.  Weather Word also provides a digital PTT control line (0 volts key off, +5 volts key on) for the transmitter.  When activated the Weather Word listens for the sequence "#123" or "#9876", where the digits are user chosen.  Upon hearing this sequence Weather Word keys the transmitter and responds with the phrase "You've reached Weather Word", and stays unlocked to accept commands.  If left idle for 30 seconds, the Weather Word must be unlocked again.  You can override this phrase with a custom station ID if desired.

Use simple DTMF commands such as "1" get all current weather measurements, or use "91*" to just get a single wind speed measurement once the Weather Word is unlocked.  It will key the transmitter and then give the report.  If hooked up in a duplex mode, Weather Word can be interrupted during any report with a new command.

Weather Word connects to the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro using the Weather Link II data logger.  The Weather Link II is installed in the back of the Vantage Pro display unit.  The serial output of the Weather Link II is connected via a serial cable to the Weather Word.  Readouts on the display of the Vantage Pro are directly translated and stored in the Weather Word for easy telephone access.  The Weather Word is configured to report wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, inside and outside temperature, outside relative humidity, barometric pressure and dew point.  You can also report inside relative humidity by reconfiguring one of the eight channels.  Replacement sensors and parts are available from Adaptive Engineering, for pricing click here.

This version of Weather Word also supports the direct to sensors connection configuration.  If not connected to a Vantage Pro, Weather Word will switch back to the direct to sensors mode, and answer the telephone like a W-608/0.  The sensors used for the Weather Word direct to sensors configuration can be directly plugged into this version of Weather Word.  Some setup changes are necessary.

Power for Weather Word is supplied by the AC adapter.  If you run the device on batteries it draws approximately 20 mA (the exact amount depends on the instruments you select) at any input voltage from 9 through 20 volts DC.  The Vantage Pro system also runs on batteries.  If possible Adaptive Engineering recommends that you plan to power the Vantage Pro with something beyond the 3 "C" cells that it normally uses, as the serial interface between the units consumes some power.

Weather Word is supplied with a manual, a 2.1 mm power plug with wires, an RJ-11 telephone line, an RJ-11 TX audio patch cable, an RJ-45 TX control cable, and an AC adapter.   Shipping will be calculated when you order.

W-608/RI Weather Word for radio interface
No sensors included
W-608/RIa Weather Word for radio interface
Davis Instruments Vantage Pro (model 6150)
Davis Instruments Weather Link II (model 6510C)

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