Weather Word Connected to Sensors
The Weather Word connected to sensors configuration represents the least complicated, lowest power, and lowest cost configuration. The Weather Word comes set up for the sensors you select.  To get the system up and answering the telephone, all you need to do is plug it together and supply power.

The Weather Word connects directly to any US telephone line.  Plug it into the phone line just as you would an extension telephone or an answering machine.

Weather Word uses the Davis Instruments wired weather sensors (to view them, follow the link, and look under the weather applications).  These sensors represent an excellent combination of high quality and reasonable cost.  The sensors are directly plugged into the back of the Weather Word.  All sensors have a 40 foot cable on them.  Cables can be extended beyond this length.  Replacement sensors are available from Adaptive Engineering, for pricing click here.

Power for Weather Word is supplied by the AC adapter.  If you run the device on batteries it draws approximately 10 mA (the exact amount depends on the instruments you select) at any input voltage from 9 through 20 volts DC.

Weather Word is supplied with a manual, an RJ-11 telephone line, a 2.1 mm power plug with wires, and an AC adapter.   Shipping will be calculated when you order.

W-608/0 Weather Word
No sensors included
W-608/0a Weather Word
Davis Temperature probe (model 7817)
W-608/0b Weather Word
Davis Anemometer (model 7911)
W-608/0c Weather Word
Davis Anemometer (model 7911)
Davis Temperature Probe (model 7817)
W-608/0d Weather Word
Davis Anemometer (model 7911)
Davis Temp/Humidity Sensor (model 7859)
W-608/0e Weather Word
Davis Anemometer (model 7911)
Davis Temp/Humidity Sensor (model 7859)
Davis Rain Collector II (model 7852)

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