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Weather Word™

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Weather Word™ is an affordable telephone based weather station

At last you can monitor the micro climate at a remote site for as little as $298!

Weather Word™ Model W-608

Weather Word™ connects to a standard telephone line, can run on batteries, and answers the phone with a pleasing female voice

Weather Word™ uses Davis Instruments sensors for wind speed/direction, precipitation, and temperature/humidity measurements.   Weather Word™ is also compatible with the Davis Instruments Weather Link™ enabling connection with the Davis Instruments Weather stations.  this enables additional telephone reports of measurements such as barometric pressure and dew point

Typical Telephone Answer: 
(click on a sentence to hear it talk)
"You’ve reached Weather Word™. At any time you can press three to hear instructions on use. Wind speed average currently is five mph. Wind direction range currently is from minus eight nine degrees to minus eight nine degrees. Precipitation total currently is point oh two inches. Temperature average currently is six seven degrees. Relative humidity average currently is four four percent. Wind speed average one minutes ago was five mph. Wind speed average one one minutes ago was oh mph....."

Wind speed 0 to 100 MPH
Wind direction -180 to +180 degrees
Temperature -20F to 100F
Precipitation Increments of .01"
Relative humidity 10% to 90%
Voltage 0 - 2.5 volts
Barometric Pressure  26" to 32"
Dew point -20F to 100F
Audio Monitor Built-in microphone

Product Configurations and Pricing


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Rear panel of Weather Word™

For any of the measurements listed on the left, Weather Word™ can calculate an average or a range (tracks maximum and minimum values) or keep a running total

Measurements can be calculated over a one second to four hour duration, logged at intervals between one minute and 18 hours

Touch tone controllable reports - you can skip around and get just the values you want

Latest readings obtained each time user presses 1 during the call

Data logger keeps track of over 100 values

Voice based documentation on each report explains all measurement parameters and user can add custom documentation as well

Low power consumption - can run on batteries, solar or AC

Fully adjustable high and low alarm levels. Calls user defined number when report value becomes lower than the low alarm limit or higher than the high alarm limit

Reports directly from built-in speaker by pressing buttons on front panel

Public Messaging™ lets you leave public messages for other callers to review.   Settable length of time for message to stay on the machine

Monitors three analog (multi-valued) channels for weather or other signals, also monitors three digital input sources.

All phrases are override-able - allows Weather Word™ to say exactly what's needed for specialized applications

Answering machine compatible - you don't need second telephone line

Completely reconfigurable for just about any instruments you've got

Security mode tells you the number of calls and time since last reset.  It also allows setup changes over the phone!

All reports allow individually settable scale, offset, duration, interval, low alarm trigger, high alarm trigger, math

All setup values, messages and phrase overrides are stored in non-volatile memory

Up to 8 different reports

Dimensions: 5.25"l x 3.375"w x 1.75"h

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